NHS Research

Your Practice is research active

All NHS organisations are expected to participate and support health and care research.

Conducting high-quality clinical research helps us to keep improving NHS care by finding out which treatments work best.


If you are asked about taking part in research, usually someone in the care team looking after you will contact you. People in your care team may look at your health records to check whether you are suitable to take part in a research study, before asking you whether you are interested or sending you a letter on behalf of the researcher.


For more information about how your information may be used in research and your rights please click here.

Current research projects at the Practice:

  • RESTORE (improving referral to and take-up of Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD patients) IRAS ID: 209597, sponsor Cambridge University
  • RENEWED Online - CLASP Study (evaluation of internet supported intervention for supporting quality of life for people who have had cancer) IRAS ID: 238636, sponsor Southampton University
  • STARTRIGHT (getting the right classification and treatment from diagnosis of diabetes) IRAS ID: 203567, sponsor Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
  • GLOW (Glucose Lowering through Weight Management)

  • BEST3 (Barret's Oesophagus Trial 3) IRAS ID: 210292, sponsor Cambridge University 


To find out about health and social care research that is taking place across the UK and also to take part in trials that you may be interested in, please click this link.



Join a COVID-19 clinical trial

The PRINCIPLE trial aims to find treatments that reduce hospital admission and improve symptoms for people with COVID-19. You could be eligible to join if


  • You have had these symptoms for fewer than 15 days:
    • new continuous cough or high temperature or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell
    • OR have a positive test for SARS-Co-V2 infection with COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days
  • You are aged 50 to 64 with a pre-existing illness
  • You are aged 65 and above

Find out more here.

Virus Watch Research Study

Virus Watch is an Urgent Public Health Study.


Your GP practice is supporting a national research study of households to assess how we can stop Covid-19 spreading in our communities. To find out more and sign up visit: https://www.ucl-virus-watch.net



Help us beat a second wave of Covid-19.

We need you and your household to take part in an important study in England and Wales by reporting every week if you have symptoms or not.

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